Our team will create a concept and framework for the development of your iOS application. During this phase, our team will draw out each screen and function of the application based on client’s needs. A full-scale version of the application with all features, and how they will work is provided to the client for inspection.

Revision & Customization

Once the client has had time to look over the application, we accept feedback from the client and implement changes to the concept with custom specific menus or features based on their liking. We will repeat the first two steps of the process until a finalized draft of the concept is agreed upon.


Our mobile app development team develops the application utilizing various frameworks to produce an application that works on various iOS devices based on the concept. Our team ensures that proper protocols and guidelines for the App Stores are followed.

Testing and Fixing

Each application goes through a rigorous testing and fixing stage where bugs and problems are identified through various testing environments. We utilize proprietary solutions to automatically find common problems and create solutions. Our development team will also attempt to improve upon the stability and performance of the application.

Release Candidate / Full Release

Based on the client’s expectations, we release the application through the app store or through other methods. Our experts ensure that our clients receive the final application based on their requirements.

Additional Revisions

In the case of updates to the iOS platform or firmware, our development team can also provide updates to the application at an additional cost or make changes as new features are included in their online services.


Your application is developed based on given specifications, allowing you to have full control over the concept, design, brand, and future iterations of the application. Our support team can provide application support for found flaws and vulnerabilities. You’re free to monetize the application and utilize it for your specific needs.

To receive a custom consultation or to learn more about our iPhone and other mobile application development services, give us a call or fill out our contact form.